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Learn Chinese with a good certificated CN teacher (Shanghai)



My name is Eileen. I am the native certified Chinese teacher to teach Chinese as a foreign language granted by the East China Normal University.

I am the native experienced teacher in teaching foreigners Chinese in Shanghai for couple of years. I have former and current students from U.S, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Turkey, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, and India. I teach Chinese to foreigners of all ages and levels, meet their different needs in Chinese learning, helping them improve their Chinese speaking, listening, reading, writing on their request.

I am very fluent in English so if you are a beginner we can get started through English also. However, if you prefer to teach in Chinese, I will do as you request also. I am very responsible, helpful to solve foreigners’ questions in their Chinese learning with my vast patience, experience, and passion. I know how to teach foreign students in a western style. Therefore, My students enjoy our class; they learn the Chinese very happily, and easily. What’s more, they grasp the knowledge they learned in our class, so they can speak, even read the Chinese very well they learned into practice in their life, their work..

Types of class:
1. individual class (1 on 1)
2. Small group classe (1 on 2, 3, 4, 5 or more)
3. Corporate company training Class

Diversities of course:
1. Survival oral Chinese / oral Chinese / Chinese listening / reading /writing /Chinese character (up to you to choose)
2. Business Chinese (Basic/Elementary-Intermediate/Advanced)
3. HSK (Basic/Elementary-Intermediate/Advanced)
4. Chinese culture / Chinese geography/ Chinese history/ Chinese calligraphy.

1).The most Effective Teaching & Learning: (I will help every student design your own study plan most appropriate to your own level. Your level will be assessed on my arrival and I will discuss your study programmer with you and advice on the best options for you, take into account each student’s individual needs, use varied teaching methods to encourage your practice, make your Chinese learning more interesting, efficient, therefore helping you improve your Chinese quickly, effectively, and happily )

2):Tailor-made popular practical study materials to be recommended on your level, your interest, and your target.

3):24 hr free additional Community Connection Support: If you have any questions in Chinese communication, listening, reading, or writing, you could contact me anytime; I will be trying to help with my full heart for free.

4). Flexible study time: available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
5): Flexible study location: your home, your office, even internet by Skype, MSN, or other channels on your request.

6). Most reasonable Chinese learning tuition fee.

My goal is to help each student achieve their goals.

My promise is “you will achieve if you study with me”.

If you need my help in your Chinese learning, just let me know:

Contact: Eileen
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