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Living Expeses (Shanghai)

Guys, we are planning to move to Shanghai and would appreciate some help . we are a family of four (me, my wife and two girls 6 and 2) on the living expenses. here is what we have by now.

1. we plan to live in Green Court - Jinqiao (RMB 35K-40K)
2. school Concordia seems to be the best option (would have to pay 25% out of my pocket as my employer would pay the rest, what would be USD13k yearly for 1 kid and US 20K two kids)

so we have some questions:

1. one of my concern is mobility. i read a lot about drivers but they seem expensive and i dont have allowance for that) taxi with kids is not a good experience in any country. so what is the best option?
2. Yin or nanny. what is the current price a couple of days a week?
3. other costs. living in this upscale zone groceries and restaurants are expensive I suppose. how much should i budget?
4. I would work on the oriental finance centre and apparently taxi or metro are good options right?

thanks a lot!!

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