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"Look & See" Trip to Shanghai


Dear Shanghai-Community,

I am considering a job opportunity in Shanghai and my employer has granted me a "Look & See" trip together with my girlfriend. We are hitting Shanghai by the end of April / early May. Unfortunately no Internations Event are taking place at that week if I am not mistaken (otherwise please let me know).

Question to the community: With hindsight and the experience you already gained by living in Shanghai, what would you recommend to see in one week?

We are two mid twenty / early 30 Swiss guys who have lived in South East Asia already for two years. On our list we have the following:

- Metro and other public transport
- Few Restaurants and bars
- Supermarkets (to get an idea of variety of goods and respective prices
- Taxi rides
- Housing (any suggestion for a good agent are welcome!!!)
(- my office & work place obviously)

Schooling and other kids places are not needed. I might be working in Pudong area and usually do not like to commute for too long.

All suggestions, hints and tips are most welcome, regardless of importance or length :) Also if someone is around for having a drink and wants to share some stories and advices, then you are gladly invited to do so.

Thanks a ton in advance.
Best regards,


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