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Looking for a bilingual school in Pudong (Shanghai)

Hi all! We are shifting to Shanghai very soon and will be looking for a school for our 11 year old kid. She completed her 5 grade in India and will be applying for grade 6. We have option of Singapore International School, as we've heard that they have educational program similar to Indian.

But fee structure of nearly 150,000 RMB per annum sounds little expensive for us and as of now we are looking for some other options.

One more disadvantage of Singapore International School is its located quite far from Pudong, where we planning to stay.

So my request is, if smbd knows some other schools in that area, or similar cheaper schools, kindly advise me the same!

It is becoming kind of urgent, as today i got to know that almost in all schools last day of entrance test is somewhere in mid of June.

Thanks all and cheers!

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