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Looking for a job / business opportunity. (Shanghai)

My name is Chris Schaap. I have recently graduated from King's College London with an MSc degree in International Management. It has been my dream to now move to Shanghai. I am keen on learning more about the Chinese commercial and political environment.

Let me briefly introduce myself. I am Dutch and before enrolling in the MSc International Management, I completed my BSc degree in Business Administration at the HES Business School in Amsterdam. During my BSc degree, I had part-time jobs in sales and I engaged in a number of entrepreneurial activities. Furthermore, I practised two full-time five month internships, one at a fast-growing innovative SME in Sydney (Australia) and the other at a large industrial company in Braunschweig (Germany).
In my third year, I went on an exchange semester to Shanghai. There I became fascinated with the Chinese culture and developed my interest in working in Shanghai. I have since tried to specialize in business in China, e.g. by writing my MSc dissertation on the subject of regional economic disparities in China (a statistical analysis). I am now dedicated to find work and move to Shanghai.

Why could I be of benefit to your company?
I am exceptionally driven; I take initiative and continually attempt to excel in the tasks I commit myself to. People have often complemented me for having outstanding social and communication skills, which provides me with the ability to adapt to any working environment - be it with clients or within teams. I possess sharp analytical and commercial abilities, and I am good with numbers. Finally, I have a creative mind and I am able to come up with innovative ideas. My CV will show proof of the aforementioned skills and abilities.

I am available for immediate start, I would just need to relocate. I am interested any opportunity that you consider suitable for me based on my experience. I wish to gain responsibility quickly and learn as much as I can.

Please find my CV here: Protected content

Do not hesitate to drop me an email at: Protected content

With thanks and best regards,

Chris Schaap

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