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Looking for Swedish/German Business Mananger (Shanghai)

We are looking for a Swedish/German Business Manager for a Techincal Consulting Company:

Main  activities:
The   main   task   is   to   be   responsible   of   identification,   selection   and   recruitment   of   candidates   within   the   perimeter  identified  by  Technical  Director.  
Resume  recruiters  and  refer  them  on  profiles  to  identify  for  the  remaining  perimeter  of  the  Technical  Director.  
Make  sure  the  reasons  for  change,  the  motivation,  as  well  as  salary  expectations  and  accommodation  of  new  candidates.  
Prepare  qualifying  meeting  with  candidates  prior  to  customer  interview. Deliver  a  weekly  reporting  under  the  supervision  of  the  Technical  Director  on  past  and  upcoming  activities  as  well  as  identify  the  priorities.
Develop  new  customer  within  engineering  activities  and  insure  a  sustainable  growth.
Insure  response  for  RFQ,  contracts  negotiation  and  annual  contracts  review.
 Post  graduate/Bachelor  degree  in  Engineering  or  Commercial  (preferably  a  Master)  
-­‐   Significant   experience   in   sales   or   in   managing   technical   projects   in   Telecom,   Automotive,   Aeronautic   railway   or   Energy   sectors  
-­‐  Good  interpersonal  skills,  energy  and  fresh  entrepreneurial  outlook.  
-­‐  Ability  to  tackle  challenging  projects  which  require  a  combination  of  business,  organization  and  technical  issues  in  order  to   provide  maximum  value  to  our  clients
-­‐  Fluent  in  English.  
Mandarin is  a  plus
If you are intrested in this position, please contact me at Protected content

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