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Matchbox, transformers, and old memories (Shanghai)

Hey everyone,

when I cleaned my stuff today, I discovered a mysterious box, and guess what, I found my old toys in it, not all of them but it's enough to bring me back to my childhood.

I used to collect "matchbox" car models and the transformers, yes, the transformers you see on screen, in the movies, but about 20 years ago it was animation series, and you can buy the models to play with, I was really surprised they are still functioning, I mean you can still transform them, (who says the stuffs made in China are cheap in quality :)

I have a collection of the mobiles of the construction site, you know the 6 green ones which can combine themselves into a giant, and a collection of highway patrol models with 2 helicopters :p

It's funny to remember how I used to love these toys and I'm just wondering what your favorite toys are, I know you guys are professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, and many posts I see here are ads, promotions, or for whatever beneficial purpose, but since we all have a childhood, let's just be children for a moment and share some memory of our childhood, so what's your favorite toys back then? Do you still keep them or do you miss them, or do you wish to have them back? How would you feel if you see your old toys in front of you?

Thanks for sharing,


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