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Medical tourism in Shanghai or nearby cities

Dear fellow foreigners! I have a question. I am finding it tough get the answer as don't know Chinese and don't have many Chinese friends or acquaintances.

How often people do come to China (or Shanghai in particular) to get a medical treatment?

Is Chinese traditional medicine good enough to come here all the way from another country?

How costly are they? Recently i read article of one Philippine girl, who studied in Shanghai. She fell sick, went to a doctor and got treatment for some RMB 4,000. Later on in Singapore, she got to know that max amount for treatment of her disease should be not more than RMB 800. So after reading this article, i am kind of confused, though i believe we have honest and dishonest people everywhere.

Did somebody hear about Shanghai Nanpu Women's Hospital? Please share some information or experience of yours!

Would be happy to any information, as lack of knowledge creates the presence of a problem! :)

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