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move to and living in Shanghai as an expat, easy

Understanding and anticipating the difficulties of relocating to Shanghai is of paramount importance in making the transition as smooth as possible. Your mental preparation is as important as the school search, orientation, home search, and other services you will receive from Townscape.
For many years, the international impression of China, especially in the West, has been that of a hardship posting. Recently, especially in Shanghai, a fully modern city has arisen and with it an expatriate community that is mature and accessible. While some may argue whether or not Shanghai is still a hardship posting, one thing cannot be argued: Shanghai has become a global city with excellent prospects and an exciting, dynamic rate of positive change. The facilities on offer here in most cases are up to international standards and
improving at a rate that is almost impossible to fathom.
Without exaggeration - imagine the change in your average Western city over a 10-years span. This is the change in Shanghai on an annual basis. Despite these dramatic changes however, the city still remains a foreign culture and exciting environment for most Expats
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