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Moving from NYC.... (Shanghai)

Hi everyone,

I have the opportunity to move to Shanghai/Beijing for work (I'm an attorney). Having been to both cities just twice briefly, I'm leaning to Shanghai, but have general questions about moving overseas!

1) I'm U.S.-born Chinese, and have never lived overseas, and would like a city that has more expats. I prefer not to be inundated with too much Chinese culture. Would that be Shanghai/Beijing? What are the differences for expats living in either city?

2) How is the social scene in Shanghai? Is it easy to meet other expats?

3) I've read that single expat women have a difficult time with dating, and that all the expat men prefer the locals. I'm in my late 30s, and am looking for people who are professionals, educated, and similarly situated. How is Shanghai from that perspective?

Thanks for any thoughts!

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