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online medical consulting service (Shanghai)

Hi friends, I am thinking about to open an online consulting medical service for expats in Shanghai and around area. If you have minor illnesses, you can do face-talk with an English speaking doctor first to sort out the severity of your illness. I am an urologist in Shanghai. I had my medical training both in China and in the United States. I currently hold a Chinese medical license and a U.S. limited license. I have stayed in U.S for fourteen years and moved back to Nanjing, China last year. I opened a free clinic for internationals in Nanjing when I worked as an associate professor in Southeast University last year. I might have to charge a small amount of fee for the consulting service, since I do not have graduate students or medical students to help me and I would have to hire medical assistants. Does 10~20 dollars per encountering sound reasonable? Do we have demand for this kind of service?
Any suggestions or recommendations are highly appreciated. Thank you.

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