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Qi-Gong(Chi Kung) for self Healing (Shanghai)

Shanghai -- a big job market and a big money market.

Job or money requires physical dedication, good judgement and positive pressure handling. Do you have enough physical energy and happiness feelings (not just satisfaction) stay inside you behind people after a full day outing/working ?

Physical Freedom -- physically healthy to go anywhere, no illness, no chronic pain or uncomfortableness, flexible and strong muscle-tendon-joint for you to enjoy living and go through life;

Mental/Emotional Freedom Protected content fear, no worries, no disturbing feelings caused by anyone or anything from deep inside, capable of handling work/life/relationship pressure with clear+firm actions and calm attitude. positive outlook on any occurrence, acceptance of self and happenings.

No matter what stage you are at in life, either working, parenting, self challenging in sports-skills-business, or coping with chronic uncomfortableness (physically or emotionally), you can BENEFIT from this simple, do-able yet proven efficiently effective Qi-Gong, a self healing practice in both physical and emotional aspects.

Interested ? drop me a note and start self recharging.

remind: The benefit is bigger than anyone could possibly thought.

Cheers for the wonderful October season.

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