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RE: Personal Care (Shanghai)

These may be taken for granted but you can really get messed up if you can't find them.
1. Thanks to Unilever and Colgate Palmolive, atleast you can find Omo washing detergent and Colgate from Carrefour, Parkson and many other stores.

2. It looks like body deodorant is not a common thing in Shanghai. People prefer to smell natural or otherwise. It's hard to find a good body deodorant but it's possible. Am aware of only Watsons stores, where you can find Rexona (spray or roll on) It goes for a fair price RMB.34 but works perfectly compared to others.

3. Hair Shampoo and conditioner. VS Sasson is a Japanese brand that goes for around RMB. 45 per bottle but works well. In case you have problems of dundruff, head to shoulder is another one to consider. These are common in many big stores such as Carrefour, Parkson, Watsons, etc.

4. If you are interested in keeping your skin/complexion natural but brilliant, you may have to consider "SKIN FOOD" products made in S. Korea. They are organic and effective. There are varieties but I found that the "Tea tree cleanser", "Lettuce and Cuccumber toner", "Orange and Mint moisturiser" and "Black Sugar facial scrub", worked best for me. This whole set goes for around RMB.800 but can last Protected content . they have other make- up and hair products but I am not willing to give them more money for more products. In every big mall where big brand cosmetics are found, you can get a stall for "SKIN FOOD" as well. Eg, Zhongshan Park, Cloud 9, Parksons Gubei, People Square and Jingnan Temple malls around the metro.

5. Make - up accesories, you can find them in MAC or MAKE UP FOREVER stores in the same stores above.

6. It's better to buy food from fresh food markets as it is fresher and cheaper. If I can't get live organic chicken slaughtered live before me, I will tell you that I don't eat chicken. I buy a lot of stuff from fresh food markets and i feel it's better than the frozen ones from super stores.

Drinking water; I recommend Watsons, a little more expensive than most brands but it's a trusted brand. Not always available in small stores.

I hope this helps buddies.

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