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Recommend a good hiking destination in Xingtai (Shanghai)

Recommend a good hiking destination in Xingtai, Hebei

I recently took a hiking trip to Hebei, Henan and Shanxi provinces. I have found some good destinations for hiking. I would like to recommend one of them to hiking and travel lovers.

This time I would like to recommend Xingtai Taihang Gorges.

It is a range of gorges hidden in Taihang Mountains, about 2 hours away from Beijing. You can leave on Friday evening by train and stay in Xingtai on Friday night, then go to the gorges on Sat. morning, spend 2 days there and come back on Sunday evening.

It is beautiful in terms of rocks, shape of mountain, vegetation, water, and weather. The lower part of the mountain is featured by slopes covered by lush trees and the upper part is steep cliff with sparse trees on the top. The rock formation is stable. Water is crystal-clear. If it is a sunny day, the sky is certainly blue.

Snakes and lizards can be encountered if you are lucky.

There is one good place for camping where you can enjoy fabulous views.

Water-proof shoes and raincoat are necessary because you have to walk in water and below waterfall sometimes.

The total hiking distance is almost 30km.

The current cost of ticket is only 50 yuan per person.

If you want to explore the gorges and need any help, please let me know.

About me:
I am a Chinese-English conference interpreter and like hiking and trekking along gorges and rock coast. I like the small unknown but beautiful places. Let’s integrate ourselves into the Mother Nature!
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Wechat: jackenzheng

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