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Renting a car, small airplane and other questions (Shanghai)


I’m going to travel to China together with a good friend of mine, this year. We will arrive in Shanghai on the 25th of August and fly back from Peking on the 5th of September.

Apart from visiting the cities where we definitely don't need a car, we would like to rent one for a couple of days going to more remote places in the countryside getting away from the beaten track. Since we read that you are not allowed to drive there with an Austrian or even international licence, but that it is possible to get a local licence without big hustle at some of the renting agencies, we wanted to ask you, if you have got any experiences or could provide us with solid information about it.

Furthermore, we are looking for a flight school or aeroclub where we could rent a small aircraft (f.i. Piper PA28, Robin DR400, Cessna 150/152/172 or Katana DV20). Both of us are licensed pilots, however after searching the internet we couldn’t find a single aero club or flight school with a homepage or information in English. It would be especially interesting for us to fly in the area of the Chinese Wall and Peking and/or Shanghai.

Any further suggestions or “secret” insider tips are highly appreciated! ;-)

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