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Rescued dog needs a home-all expense paid (Shanghai)

I need to find a home for one of my rescus who has been living with me since I found her on the street a few months ago.
She is 1.5yo (according to my vet), small size (8kg), house trained (never pees at home, not even on pee pads), very sweet and makes a perfect compaignon pet. I need to find a home (foster or permenent) for her asap as my own dog is very dominant and agresses her quite often--I tried to seperate them whenever possible but the poor thing needs a place where she can feel safe and not threatened all the time.
She has all her vaccinations and health check, and I will take care of her desex surgery. Please if you think you can take in a lovely pet, and are experienced with dogs, please contact me! Also, she can't be in a home with a dominant/agressive dog; also the future adopter needs to allow me to visit her.
If you're a student and concerned about the potential cost of having a pet (the vet bills can be high), I'm willing to cover all her future vet expenses, just need to find her a safe place with loving people!
Please contact me at: Protected content

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