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Roller Derby in Shanghai

For those of your that are interested in learning this fantastic sport of Roller Derby but have long awaited someone to get it going. Well wonder no longer as I have two of the best UK Roller Derby Girls arriving in Shanghai at the end of January and being as I am a fully qualified United Kingdom Roller Derby Referee, then between us we are forming a new league here in Shanghai.
To all existing Ladies and Gents that have indicated an interest in forming a new league then please get your friends together and join us very soon at a suitable venue where we will introduce you to our active, physical and without a doubt one of the best ways of getting fit sports.
You have no idea just how addictive this sport is regadless of your size, age or gender. Within the UK alone more than Protected content have been formed in 3 years alone.
Want to know more? then send me a message and we will let you know where we will all meet for the first 'Shanghai Dolls Roller Derby' information meeting will take place.
Kind regards
(AKA) Regi-mental

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