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Shanghai living with kids

My family is considering a move to Shanghai (myself, husband, and 2 preschool boys). We are wondering which area would be best to live in. Work would be in Pudong (north side). I grew up all over the world, so I'm not too stressed about whether there is a large expat community right where we are or not--either expat or locals around us is fine. Mostly we want somewhere fairly quiet, not too expensive (furnished under Y8k, if possible), and fairly convenient to transportation, since we don't plan to get a car. Pudong is pretty big, and fairly diverse as far as we can tell. Makes it hard to figure out what the most "family-oriented" areas are. We would be there 2 years, and won't be visiting beforehand, so we really need some good advice, since we'd be stuck with what we get. Thanks!

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