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Shanghai Vegetarians Club : Happy Hour

Happy Hour featuring Domaine Dupont Calvados Protected content us for a toast before the Chinese new year !

Time: Jan 28th Fri 7:00pm onwards

Place : Loushi Cafe , #145 Nanchang Road (close to Maoming Nan Lu )
Price : 80RMB/per person (including one glass of Calvados, one Calvados Cocktail, one dessert and one appetizer)

Menu :
Calvados Cocktail :

* Normand * Calva Tonic * Sophie * Your Birthday* Calva Sunrise* Coquainvilliers * Golden Delicious* Kos* St Julien
* Shirley Temple ( NON-alcoholic, suitable for children )
*Silken peanut spread with Soda Cracker * Hummus with arrots, cucumber and celery (VEGAN) *Potato Latkes with Applesauce (VEGAN)
*Orange Carrot Cake (VEGAN) *Chocolate Cake (VEGAN) *Pineapple Reserved Cake (no egg, contain dairy) *Applesauce (VEGAN)
Hosts : Annie ( food ) and Sebastien (drinks)
Important Note: Please PM me or send an email to Protected content

and reserve for the event before Jan 24th Mon. Unreserved guests are welcome for drinks but there is no guarantee about food.

More on Domaine Dupont Calvados
This gourmet product is Domaine Dupont Calvados (French Normandy traditional Apple Brandy) which has the AOC Pays D'Auges certification.
The Calvados is a spirit made exclusively from apples, one of Normandy's treasures, and has been recognized as the most natural spirit available according to the simplicity of its production process. While other spirits as Whisky, Brandy, Vodka or any other would require to input some additives (for acidity levels, conservation, color, taste...), Calvados is simply made with apples and time.
The AOC Pays d'Auges certification insures a traditional process and a geographical limitation to the Pays D'Auges region, because of the specificity of its weather, soil, and apple type which make this Calvados what it is enjoyed for: its fresh green apple hint, full body, caramel natural color, and of course its healthy virtues.
The Domaine Dupont is a family owned property where Louis Dupont, the father, overlooks all of his offspring giving a hand from the apples' harvest to selling the product on local markets.
Domaine Dupont's Calvados is suitable for any type of vegetarian or vegan diet.
More info about the Domaine and the range of products on Domain Dupont's website (available in English): Protected content

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