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Teaching english in Shanghai


My Boyfriend and i are ready to make a huge change and move to either Shanghai or Suzhou China. We have received our TESL certificates and would like to secure a job before leaving our lives here in Chicago behind! We are looking to avoid recruiters at all cost out of fear of being taken advantage of or being talked into something that would be disadvantageous. We have followed some promising leads to good jobs but have found ourselves at a dead end multiple occasions. We are continuing to stay optimistic and we are tapping all our resources. Hopefully we can gain some points in the right direction or possibly even some leads from the Internations community. We are both professional minded people with Bachelor Degrees (his is in Physical Education and Health and mine is in Interior Design). and we would not be apposed to hearing about what type of opportunities there are in these areas as well!!

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Renee <3

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