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I wonder if you people have been to the salon for a haircut/wash and the price goes RMB 38 Ordinary hair dresser, RMB 68 Expert hair dresser RMB Protected content hairdresser and RMB Protected content Supervising hair dresser for the same service?

Hahahaha, I go for ordinary hairdresser RMB 38 because I do not expect you to bring a guy fresh from a rice field to cut/wash people's hair downtown Shanghai. Of course cutting rice is different from cutting hair. I know what I want and I will know if someone is taking me for a lab specimen. Then i have to call the lady who is always on the watch for any blunders and let her know that the guy doesn't know what he is doing and i will not pay a penny for anything less than what i came for. Immediately, she will call the expert hair dresser who will give the good service at RMB 38!

This is similar to the what happens in the local hospital where I go; A very nice one in front of Yanchang road station (line1). They have VIP and ordinary service. I always pay for ordinary service because I don't expect a doctor/dentist to graduate in medicine without attending the English Language class. However, even if I speak some Chinese and i introduce myself in Chinese, from the 1st reply through the end, it's all in English and I usually have Protected content in the doctor's/dentist room for translation in case someone cannot go on, am led to the xray/lab rooms with an assistant and if I need follow up, i see the same medic I saw the previous time. All this usually comes at a cost of not more than RMB 80. If this is ordinary service, VIP service must be wow!

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