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Translation Services (Shanghai)

Why is demand for translation companies increasing?

With globalisation only speeding up, our international community is growing and growing, bringing issues with it. Many people are bilingual, this is no secret, however sometimes being competent in another language isn’t good enough when it comes to actually literally translating an article of sensitive information, such as a legal document or a medicinal one.

Clocking onto what is quite rightly being viewed as an international problem; specialist translation agencies provide the service of actually taking documents that need translating and getting a qualified professional with a background in the specific field to translate for you. But why do they need a background in the relevant field you might ask. Well, in plain English if I said I had recently suffered a myocardial infarction, I’m willing to bet a fair few of you wouldn't know that that meant I had recently had a heart attack.

For very much the same reason these translation agencies make sure the people translating your document know their way around the relevant field so as to make sure nothing gets mistranslated or not given the urgency the word may deserve. Thus ensuring the integrity of your documents and making sure nothing gets lost in translation.

Obviously these companies charge a fee for this service. They are doing much more than your average online word for word translator. From first hand experience I've found time and time again that these translators are unreliable and often even incorrect considering they don't decipher context or tense, to see this for yourselves copy a paragraph from English into another language and then retranslate it back, you will see it makes no sense.

Ludwig Wittgenstein once said that even if a lion could speak English we wouldn't be able to understand it, as its reference points would be too far removed from our own. I believe this is the same case here, so let’s make sure we’re dealing with humans from now on, if not at least, to preserve the sovereignty of the human race.

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