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visit to Shanghai in April-possible move in May .

Hi there.I am looking for any advice/tips from anyone who had maybe moved from London/U.K. - Shanghai. I live near London,but in a fairly green and spacious area.My French boyfriend who was living also in London has accepted a new job in Shanghai and is moving there in May for a minimum of 3 years.He would like me to go with him and I'm coming out for a reccie in a couple of weeks time.I am a ( penniless!) artist but he will have a good job.I am concerned about a number of things..being iscolated,lack of green,not speaking the language,general loneliness and culture shock!! I expect that most ex-pats out there are in the 'money-making' business and wonder if there is any creative community there. I am also interested in voluntary animal rescue work and am aware that China has not exactly got a good record for animal welfare.Are there any like-minded people in Shanghai ???Any advice gratefully accepted as this would be a major heart-breaking decision not to follow my partner out there,but equally I don't wish to be totally overwhelmed by problems there -it would be a major move and change for a very little-travelled person like myself...HELP !!

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