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Voice + Mobile Data (email) Solution in Shanghai


I am moving to Shanghai on 13May and will be staying for app. Protected content .
There are a lot of things that I need to sort out (housing, visas, etc...) and one of them is how I am going to be in contact with my home country (Chile).

I need to fulfill all of these requirements at the same time:
1. Make cheap outgoing local calls within China.
2. Be able to receive incoming China local calls with the caller and me having to pay only local rates.
3. Make cheap outgoing international calls.
4. Incoming international calls not having to pay to answer them.
4. Have emails delivered on my phone (like Blackberry service but connected to the server in Chile!).

I know that maybe everyone have been looking for this. The easiest answer is: IMPOSSIBLE! but I know that nowadays with iPhones+Skype+Data Plans, etc... there are ways to work around this problem.
Anyone has been able to do this?? I am sure that this answer will help lots of Expats!!

Even if you don't have a final answer to solve all the problems at once, it would be useful if you can suggest how to solve some of them.
Please give me rates for Cell Phone rates, Data Plan raets, etc...

Thank you a lot in advance!

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