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WARNING - sublease at la cite xujiahui (Shanghai)


Me and my spanish friend have faced a strange experience, we subleased a room through with a chinese girl named Sisley in xujiahui la cite appartments, building no 7.

After two days of our shifting, she refused to reveal her identity and give us proper documents needed to register in police. One day after she does a lot of drama, hits my spanish friend, abuses us, threatens us and asked us to get out. We called police but police did not help us and asked us to move out the same night with our luggage. We sat in the police station till 3 am asking for justice but we didn't get anything. In front of police, she continuously shouted and harrassed us in her chinese language.

I have her audio recording and pictures of my friend's injuries /medical report to prove that Chinese girl's guilt but still police is not willing to help. she want to us go to court now.I am still struggling to get support from police but it seems they have no value for foreigner's security.

It was such a bad experience. Moreover we lost Protected content in total for the money paid as rent + deposit.

I would like to warn everyone as she has again started to advertise her appt in newer websites with diff names. BEWARE!!!!

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