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Web Developer/Excel & VBA Expert looking for Work (Shanghai)


I am a British national (first language English) seeking work in China. I am looking to move over to China shortly and I am currently in the process of search for work. I am very flexible in terms of the type of work I will do; however I would definitely excel in a position that required me to use any of my key skills - web development, Microsoft Excel, or anything mathematics / statistics related. I am also flexible in terms of location, although my preference would be either Beijing or Shanghai.

I am a junior web developer familiar with PHP, CodeIgniter, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, AJAX and HTML. Web development is something I am really passionate about and enjoy doing in my free time. I built the website Protected content to demonstrate my ability to build a dynamic website using PHP. The website is pretty simple – there are three different examples of dynamic content, with each one using different ideas, principles and techniques. Please feel free to take a look around. :)

I have over two years of experience using Microsoft Excel to a very high level and using the VBA programming language to write my own macros. I produced analysis and automated the reporting process – this allowed any report to be run at any time just by pressing a button, saving enormous amount of time over the old, manual reporting process. I am an expert at using Excel (and the rest of the Microsoft Office Suite), and I can easily use its more complex formulae and features.

I graduated from university with a first class degree in mathematics, and so I would also thrive in any position involving numbers, calculations and/or statistics.

I’d be grateful if you could offer any advice on how to go about my job search. If you have a position available or know of one, please do get in contact with me. If you send me a PM, I will forward on my CV / resume for you to take a look at.

I am very flexible in terms of the job role, and I am a loyal, hardworking employee, so if you have any positions that are different to the types of role I’ve listed above, please do still get in contact!

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you. :)

Phil Bates.

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