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What Color is your Parachute (Shanghai)

Hi guys, Would you like to help me?
I'm doing one of the exercises of a book Im reading called "What Color is Your Parachute". This is just a brainstorming that will help me better identify my preferable job or career.
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* These 5 interests or special knowledges usually point toward a career field. What career fields do the following suggest to you?
1.International Business.
2. International Cooperation.
3. Business Liaison.
4. Organiza business trips.
5. Corporate Social Responsibility.
* These transferable skills usually point toward a job tittle or job level. What job-tittle or jobs do these skills suggest to you?.
1. Negotiating with international companies.
2. Consulting in International trade, business.
3. Coordinating business trips, business events-conference.
4. Travelling (international trade shows).
5. Speaking other languages (English, french, a new language?).
6. Helping foreign companies enter colombian market.

If this is not very clear, let me better explain it.

My knowledges are in International Business, International Cooperation, Business Liaison, Organize business trips and limited knowledge of Corporate Social Responsibility
my transferable skills are Negotiating with international companies, Consulting in International trade, business, Coordinating business trips, business events-conference, Travelling (international trade shows), Speaking other languages (English, french, a new language?), Helping foreign companies enter colombian market.

With all these knowledges and skills what career fields or job-tittle come to your mind in which I could work. Example: Chamber of commerce, Director of international cooperation agency, etc.

I Recommend you all to read this book.

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