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Accomodation in Shenzhen, where to live?

Dear All:

I know I´m asking many questions, I´m sorry! Sometimes I feel a little lost and I really appreciate your help. I thank you in advance from my heart.

I´m lloking for a place to live in Shenzhen. I work at ZTE in the High tech industrial park, nanshan district. My main concern is to find some place that is not so difficult to access that area. I don´t care to live in a Hotel, I just want a safe place in a nice area.
And I feel kind of lost. I also look for a place where I can find a gym and chinese classes close to it... Maybe I´m asking too much?

Can any of you suggest a place to live, maybe where you are living or something?

Thank you so much!

I write my skype, feel free to addm me


Thanks and have nice dreams


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