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Are you a big fan of the Chinese spring festival (Shenzhen)

5 How to prepare for the Chinese spring festival ?
As Chinese new year is coming . People are getting more and more busy with preparing for it. If you are a big fan about the culture thing , maybe this can help you.
Originally, we got several jobs to do :
First of all, shopping for (年(nián)货(huò)) 。including food, candies, couplet ,paper cutting , firework ,lanterns, red pocket, new cloths(for kids) etc.
Second , cleaning . Cleaning is very important before 30 th (the last day of lunar calendar),which symbolizes sweeping out the things old ,unlucky or unhappy , and ready to embrace a brand new year. Third : get the big dinner(年(nián)夜(yè)饭(fàn)) ready
Four: paste the couplets and the paper cuttings on the door or window .Meanwhile hang the lanterns as well.
Fifth : get the red pocket 红(hóng)包(bāo) ready (which is big thing )

So are you ready for it ?
Oh,By the way ,things you are not supposed to do during the spring festival
1 You are forbidden to clean on 1 th, Jan Chinese lunar calendar .Otherwise , you may got blame .
2 Bad words ,unlucky words are not welcome ,either.
3 Don’t cry ,specially on 1 st ,Jan lunar calendar .

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