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There's a truth to that, if you dig hard enough, Shenzhen does have everything. When I first got here 4 months ago, though, I had no idea - and instead of looking for startup events, I just decided to try throwing my own. Things have really grown since then, and if anyone else has a passion for young business, startups, investment, and entrepreneurship in general, I'd love to extend some information.

The first thing we're doing is this weekend via Startup Grind: a monthly meetup series across 40 cities in 20 countries designed to educate, inspire, and inform entrepreneurs through casual interviews with our regions' thought leaders. We provide food, drinks, and great opportunities to network. Our first interviewee is Paul Jones, serial entrepreneur and investor with management, ownership, or investment experience in over Protected content across Asia, America, and Africa.

Startup Grind:
Our first event is this Saturday May 25th at 7PM, check it out: Protected content

Another great resource, especially for anyone speaking both Mandarin and English, is Startup Digest - a free weekly email digest of all the startup events and news happening anywhere around the world, including Shenzhen. There's a cool event to be announced next weekend, don't miss it!

Startup Digest: Protected content

And finally, with close to Protected content , our own Shenzhen Business & Enterprise group has taken off and is open to all. We do a few events a month, with a monthly DrinkEntrepreneurs series that brings together passionate people looking for new business ideas, investors, or talent for a casual get-together. Our members are of many backgrounds, about 40%/60% Chinese locals/foreigners, and have a deep interest in business.

Shenzhen B&E: Protected content

I run these groups fully as a volunteer and make no monetary gains off their proceedings. The only gain I've got in mind is meeting more of Shenzhen's business community, so here's hoping we can find some passionate people on InterNations who'd like to join us.

If you'd like more info, by all means add me on WeChat @ MikeGasiorek

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