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Expat Drinking Club (Shenzhen)

Hello All!

I am a wine and spirits manufacturer and importer in the process of moving to Shenzhen. My company is: Shanghai Longman Liquor Company (we started in August Protected content do not have a web presence yet).
We make our own: blended Whisky, Vodka and Jamaican Rum. All of which have been created by our Master Blender who has over 30 years of blending experience behind him. He has been a blender for the erstwhile Seagrams, Pernod Ricard and National Rums of Jamaica (the makers of Captain Morgan and Myers)
In addition to this we import: exclusive French Wines (Sud-Owest and Bordeaux), Armenian Brandy and French Cognac.

I am looking to create an expat drinking club/circle. Or perhaps join one that already exists.

We will have exclusive deals for expats. Drop me a message if you are interested, have thoughts you'd like to share or if you'd just like to grab a drink.

Looking forward to meeting as many of you!

We do not have a website yet, but if you send me a message I can mail you a product catalog.

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