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Headquarters Located In China Shenzhen, we, Wuzhou Tongda international logistics provide highly efficient and economic logistics and global storage service for individuals and global E-commerce businesses and specialize in plan formulation and execution of cross-board logistics. combining DHL,UPS,EMS, FeDeX, China Post, Belgium Post, UK Post, along with the third party logistics like SF Express, We can get the central management of all the orders and products, cause we collect the third party E-commerce like ERP and ECPP and compatible different order number categories any customer provider, such as CSV,XLS,XLSX etc. With the synthesis management function on our platform, as along as you join us, we are confident we can make it sure that all the orders and products centralized management storage and orders and the tracking of your logistics can be automatically managed. We are worth your trust, cause we Wuzhou Tongda international logistics, are providing entire logistics service for quite a few celebrated cross-boarder E-commerce with millions of packages flying to every corner of the globe as many as over Protected content . With upholding a sprit of integrity , liberty unite and innovation and aiming at you customers first logistics partners. We Wuzhou Tongda international logistics will give you the best service beyond your imagination. Interested in us now? come and join us on Protected content .

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