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Finding a homestay in Southern China (Shenzhen)


My wife and I are looking for a homestay somewhere in Southern China, to stay for about a month to work on our Mandarin. We took an intensive Mandarin course in Beijing earlier this summer, and want to now try a homestay for a real immersive experience.

I am aware that Mandarin will be a second language for the provinces in the South. What I am looking for is recommendations about what kind of situation might suit me. I would like the following:

1. Family is prepared to speak Mandarin as much as possible.
2. I do not want to teach any English in return. I have read about many homestays being setup for language exchange. I only want to speak Mandarin.
3. I do not want to stay in a big or medium city unless it is really, really easygoing and not a bustling, polluted, hectic city. A small town or small city would be ideal.
4. I am willing to go through a local language school if they can provide a qualified homestay.
5. We would like to start in mid-Feb this year Protected content .

If anyone has recommendations, tips, etc they are greatly appreciated. If anyone also thinks it is foolish to even consider staying in the South, I'd love to hear your thoughts also. We were trying to stay out of the cold North during the winter.

I'm going to cross-post this in the World Forum.


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