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have you ever given out or receipted any “hong b (Shenzhen)


Chinese new year is coming . Sending out “Hong bao红包” is one of the important habits.
“hongbao红包”,“ hong 红”means red ,lucky color in China,“bao 包” is pocket /bag .
There are many version of the origin.
According to the most interesting one legend , long time ago, there is a monster called “ sui” will come out on the night of lunar calendar 30th . While the kids are sleeping , “sui” will get close to the kids and touch the kids’ head secretly . The next day , When the kids wake up , they all have been turned into fools . So the parents have to stay up all night to protect their kids.
There is a father , he put a red pocket beside his son’ bed . While the kid’s sleeping , “sui” came . But the minute when he tries to touch the kid, he is driven away and got hurt by the powerful shine from the red pocket . He ran .
From then on , people knows that “sui” afraid of red .
So parents give their kids“ hong bao红包“ red pocket to protect them from being hurt by the monster “sui “ Later on ,people give families or relatives “hong bao 红包“as good luck ,best wishes .
If “hong bao 红包”is given to the kids,means wish you grow up healthily ,or wish you make progress on your study .
If “hongbao红包“ for friends or grown up , means good luck , wish you make a fortune in the coming year.
If “hong bao 红包“ for someone who is older than you , which means wish you have a healthy long life .

Who are surposed to give out “ hong bao 红包“?
Firstly , As a grown up , who has got married is supposed to give the kids “hong bao 红包” for good luck .
Secondly , For people like me , who is still single , will get the “hong bao红包” from our parents .
Thirdly , The bosses. The bosses give out “hong bao 红包” to their employees .
As a foreigner , have you ever given out or receipted any “hong bao红包 “ in China ?

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