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How many of you are born in 马年 horse year ? (Shenzhen)

Protected content horse year 马(mǎ)年(nián)
How many of you are born in horse year ?
And how many Chinese words or phrases can you think of related to 马(mǎ)horse ?
If you take a look around you can see a lot
Introduce three idioms for expressing your new year wishes to Chinese

The most popular one (super hot now )
1 马上有一切(mǎshàngyǒuyíqiè) wish you get everything soon in the horse year
2 马到功成(mǎdàogōngchéng) wish you succeed very soon
3 一马当先(yìmǎdāngxiān) very brave to be the first one in front of the others , not afraid of anything
More commonly used idioms
单枪匹马(dānqiāngpǐmǎ) mange doing sth. all by yourself indicate you are very brave Protected content
车水马龙(chēshuǐmǎlóng):crowded with people and vehicles
天马行空(tiānmǎxíngkōng) : a powerful and unconstrained style or your ideas are very talented
快(kuài)马(mǎ)加(jiā)鞭(biān) do/ run /ride very fast like you are riding a horse
一(yì)言(yán)既(jì)出(chū),驷(sì)马(mǎ)难(nán)追(zhuī) : once I say it , I really mean it, like a promise ,you can really count on me .

So you have any other words/idioms ?

To sum up, I wish everyone in 马(mǎ)年(nián Protected content
Any interest in Chinese, contact me maybe by we-chat seven Protected content
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