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Let the Ink fly —— Lecture of Chinese Calligraphy (Shenzhen)

This event will take place from 14:30 to 17:30, Saturday, May 9th at Ziyuan Teahouse, S219, Shenzhen Book Center, Hongli Road, Futian District.

Professional Chinese Calligrapher will show you how to do Chinese Calligraphy.

This event is free of charge for all participants. Huixin Institute will provide all the material needed for Calligraphy.

The lecture is conducted in English & Chinese. We provide translation for Chinese contents. Details:
1, Self-introduction
2, Chinese Calligraphy show
3, Learn posture, breathing, brush-handling techniques
4, Understand the symbolic meaning of the Chinese characters
5, Write your own name through one-on-one instruction
6, Chinese Language Lesson

We would like to collect the names of all participants. Our Calligrapher will create Calligraphy based on each name in advance, and show you how to write it yourself on the scene. For registration please send us an E-mail or SMS with your name and nationality.

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background information:

Chinese Calligraphy, also identified as brush calligraphy, is one of the highest forms of Chinese art. It not only serves as the intention transmission of thought but also shows the 'abstract' beauty of the line. Calligraphy has been an important feature of the Chinese culture for the past Protected content . In order to profession in Chinese Calligraphy, one must learn the origins of Chinese language and characters and how they were originally written.
Just as there are masters of painting or martial arts, there were calligraphy masters whose works were highly esteemed by the emperors in different Chinese dynasties. Throughout the history of China, calligraphy has been practiced by national leaders, scholars, and people in all walks of life.
Chinese calligraphy is not only beautiful art, its practice is also an effective way to enjoy healthy life and longevity. Many research reports in Asia have rated practicing Chinese calligraphy as the number one activity for longevity among other twenty activities or so.

Lecturer: Calligrapher Qing Zhang张庆

Mr Qing Zhang is a director of Shenzhen Youth Calligraphy Association, as well as the member of Shenzhen Calligraphers Association. His works have been published by《Shufa Bao》,《Shufa》,《East Art – Calligraphy》.During the past few years, he has dedicated himself to the promotion of Chinese culture by teaching calligraphy at the Shenzhen University and at the Chinese University of Hongkong.

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