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SZ World Guinness Record Challenge 生育舞蹈吉尼斯纪录挑战赛 (Shenzhen)

The Protected content Dancing for Birth World Guinness Record Challenge is organized by Shenzhen HarMoniCare Women & Children’s Hospital ,affiliated to HarMoniCare Medical (HK. Protected content largest private medical group in China .The venue will be at the Window of the World Shenzhen ,more than Protected content women will be participating in the event on Oct 15, Protected content advocate the concept of natural delivery and care about the women health internationally.
2017国际生育舞蹈世界吉尼斯纪录挑战赛,由全国最大的私立妇产集团“和美医疗”(HK. Protected content

Dancing for Birth was founded by Stephane Larsen in Protected content is regarded as the nation birth hero of America after she had the experience to deliver her first baby while dancing .Nowadays known as a coach for pregnancy and postpartum courses, she devoted herself to prevailing Dancing for Birth globally .
生育舞蹈是一种全新的时尚、健康孕期运动,由美国人斯蒂凡尼·拉尔森2003年首创,她结合多年的孕期以及产后运动课程专业教学经验与自己在喜悦舞蹈中分娩的经历,将舞蹈之美与孕期健康运动科学相融合,独创了生育舞蹈(dancing for birth)这项孕期健康运动,并形成了具有国际影响力的品牌。目前生育舞蹈这种全新的孕期运动正在逐步风靡全球。

Get excited ,as two free tickets of the Window of the World will be offered ,bring one of your family,join the World Guinness Record challenge and win your own Guinness certificate.(Certificate fee directly paid to the Guinness Officially Amazing :265RMB )
参与挑战提出申请,向吉尼斯官方支付265元个人证书费,您就可以拥有一份属于您个人的吉尼斯证书。您可以带1名家属前往,每组家庭可免费领取2张价值200元的世界之窗门票,在挑战的同时,体验一场浓缩全球名胜古迹的“ 世界之旅 ”。

Participant : Pregnant Women all over China
Deadline: Oct 10th ,2017
Venue : Window of the World,Shenzhen
Contact : Cosmo He, Protected content
联系方式:贺鹏, Protected content


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