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Two people who are looking for opportunities to wo (Shenzhen)

We are two people who are looking for opportunities to work as a team or as one.

The male is from Ireland, Speaks English as a mother tongue.
Very Creative and has a BA in Graphic Design Dublin Institute of technology . Enthusiastic and Passionate and very patient. interested about all things in all things creative. Good with new ideas and Inventive tendencies.
Likes meeting new people and selling some thing good for people. Trusted.

The female is from China, Speaks Chinese as her mother tongue, and English fluently. She has spent 10 years in Ireland studying and working. She has a masters degree from UCD Smurfit Business School, Ireland's leading business school and research center.Passionate very organized and factual. Good with finance and organize.Likes keeping track and accounting, good with people and great with numbers.

Together you get : Creative, Factual, Ideas, Design, Dual language, Finance, Organized and good with people.

We are in Shanghai and what to work as a team, We will move to other parts of china if needed.

Thank You.

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