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What kind of insurance should foreigners buy in Ch (Shenzhen)


As more and more foreigners are living in China. The top issue that they are facing I think is safety and health. Once you got sick or injured, what can help you the most financially? Due to the language barriers and the country difference, most of my foreigner friends have no idea how to deal with it.
More and more concerning about the insurance, especially the medical insurance has become in important issue for them. They haven been asking what kind of insurance should I actually buy in China? Where can I buy these insurance? what’s the price ?

First all of , What kind of insurance should foreigners friends buy in China ?

1 commercial insurance
In general, there is no difference between foreigners and Chinese citizens in the purchase of commercial insurance
2 You can find a variety of different types of insurance products in the market according to their needs. Protection type of insurance such as: personal accident insurance, critical illness insurance; medical insurance classes such as: inpatient medical benefits insurance; investment savings type of insurance such as: participating insurance, universal insurance and investment-linked insurance.

3 If your company is willing to take some security costs.
High accident, critical illness protection and adequate medical costs protection insurance should be able to meet your most pressing needs, but you can also buy some of the disability income protection insurance.

Where can you buy? At what price?
You will find the answer on: Protected content

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