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Where to live in Shenzhen?

Hello dear community!

I'm from Mexico and I've just moved to Shenzhen.

Right now, I'm looking for a place to live, but it's being a daily question... Where in Shenzhen?

I've always believed that the best place to live anywhere, is somewhere you can maximize your time (So you can use more free time to know around), nevertheless, since I'm new in this city, I'd appreciate greatly your experience to make the best decision.

I'm thinking to start studying mandarin @ Shenzhen University (Nanshan District), and my company is located just a few steps away from the univerity too... Is Nanshan a good place to live in Shenzhen? And if yes is the answer.. then, What's the type of building that would be more convinient to live in? (For someone that right now doesn't speak mandarin)

I'm really looking forward to learn from your experience and listen your comments...For that... Thanks in advance.

The best to you all,
Eduardo Sainz.

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