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Good Bye to all. (Silicon Valley)

To all Representatives and Members of InterNations whenever you are.

InterNations is and will be an organization that has opened the doors to many people from different societies, allows people to know about each other, and open minds for a more peaceful world. I believe in Peace, Understanding and Respect among human beings. I detest ideologies and fanaticism, which are the ingredients for war. My time in this Planet has elapsed, it is the only one we have, our only home at the present time, and I hope that it will be preserved for all our descendants.

I have been notified the I have Terminal Cancer and I have about 2 months. I am not afraid, I am at peace I did a lot of positive things during my life, as well as I made quite a few mistakes, I could write a book about them, HAHAHA!

Were do I go from here? My energy will return back to the Universe in the form of energy, and my mass will be converted to its original elements.

Previous to that, I hope that the Researchers play with my useless body trying to find out more about the human being for future generations.

So, that is the news, and why I will not renews my membership, I am joining to a different club; how ironic!

I wish all of you the best in your life, be humble, open minded, do not be afraid to search for the unknown, it is fun.



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