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Where to live near GISSV? (Silicon Valley)


Hi everyone

I'm currently preparing my move to SV with my familiy (wife, 1 and 2 yo sons). The final negotiation with my emplyer is now ongoing and I'd like to be prepared regarding the housing expenditures.
We have up to now focussed on Mountain View and Sunnyvale, perhaps Palo Alto, calculate with 4k-5k and are open for houses and Apartments.
We'd like to live in a mixed area with different nationalities but of course it would also be great to find some other Germans around, which we expect to find near GISSV.

Can anyone recommend or not recommend certain Areas within this Region where to live so that we can compare housing expenditures? Is there any Region where many Germans or mainly families live?
Do you also have experience on the noise Level in Apartments? Are the houses really that sensitive as you can read sometimes?

I would be grateful for your Support.


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