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Advice on savings now for the future and old days? (Singapore)


It is great to pay low tax in Singapore. But that reminds me that we are not saving any money for pension.

Most people will work for about Protected content and will live about 20 years after that after being retired. That means that 1 day out of 3, we should save for later if we want to live the next 20 years off work with a comfortable lifestyle.

I must admit, i have never really care about that before but now I realise that I should plan and save money for retirement.

Any advice of what are the possibilities being an expat? Any of you would like to share your masterplan for the future or recommend international trustable companies that can help in that matters?
As well as the traps and dodgy plans to avoid.

I am not going to stay in Singapore forever so I would like to find some reputable global solution.

Thank you!


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