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Albatross fee change to local currency (Singapore)

Guess you all got the email I received today titled "Your InterNations Membership", which states

"In order to make [your Albatross membership] even more attractive, we have listened to our members and will now be offering payments in your local currency. This means that the next time your Albatross Membership is renewed after 30 September Protected content rate will be SGD 14.95 per month instead of EUR 5.95 per month."

At current exchange rate, EUR5.95 is SGD9.00

So it seems Internations is increasing the membership price by 66%. Fine. Steep but fine. But what's not fine is they are masking the increase by presenting it as a currency change that is somehow "more attractive" to members. Am I missing something here, or is this communication really as sleazy, deceptive and amateurish as it seems ?

"... we have listened to our members" ... unbelievable.

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