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Apartment Rentals/Sells/Purchase (Singapore)

Good day everyone,

I am an expat Real Estate Agent here in Singapore(credited) with some prior experience in NYC( not credited).

Past stunts in the AD world and finance--which is what brought me here to Singapore in the first place.

Now, I am willing to assist anyone with questions regarding Rentals/ Sells and YES! even purchase of property.....we expats can buy condominiums( only) and get loans. There are great opportunities to invest in an apartment and not just rent.

I work for a company that has earned a great reputation in the property market--even when we know that the property market has many companies who are not trustworthy ( no need to name names---just google the fraud cases in SIN and HK and learn about them).

I look forward to hearing from any of you...

I sell property not stories....


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