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Are Sales on STClassifieds Generally 'Legit'? (Singapore)

G'day friends

Asking this question only because I am in Singapore. Anywhere else in the world and my judgement would steer me away from the ad I have found on STClassifieds.

I am presently in the market for a new TV. Have found exactly the brand and model I want in an STClassifieds ad, have contacted the seller via WhatsApp to confirm the price is correct, etc. Seller has confirmed, also stated there's a 30-day satisfaction guarantee along with the manufactures' two-year warranty.

Price is about 45% under retail and the TV has been confirmed as Protected content , etc. The price also includes delivery - in fact there is no pick-up option. The price and no pick-up option are what has me questioning the legitimacy of the deal.

It's definitely a case of "If it sounds too good to be true, it generally is too good to be true" - right? Knowing how strict Singapore is when it comes to law-breakers, etc. is the only reason I am suspending my judgement and asking the question to a forum of legendary expats with more SG experience than me (I've only lived here three months). Would love your thoughts please. Thanks, Gang.


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