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ART visit For Casual Enthusiast or Collectors (Singapore)

Hi Everybody,

Part of what i do for living has got me connected with almost all great galleries in town. And I'm just curious if art lovers or likers here would like to check out great artworks in town. because some masterpieces are just bewildering.

coming from an art school i'm so used to it but with the hype of Art Stage i realized hey, this could add refreshing flavour to our taste.

so i'd like to know, how many of you would like to see those great artworks if i were to arrange a visit to great galleries?

a small group of 10 will do, in fact, the best. just nice, just enough to have 1 curator or at least someone to talk us through to all the beauty gallery, one masterpiece at a time.

essentially, the format will be like this:
1. main activity: strolling at the gallery
2. afterward: small high tea or beer gathering - if necessary.
3. timing & frequency - after lunch, bi-weekly or monthly

if there's any fee it'd be a modest one to guarantee the attendance, or for the following F&B activity

1. Eyewidenning visit to Art Plural Gallery
2. Chillaxing & Snacking at Marmalade Pantry
(will get special deal if need be - no worries, i'll do this not for profit. just happy to expand my inner circle while doing my thing)
3. Kiss on the cheek and pat on the back for me

so it'll be like one of those weeks where we are strolling for chillaxing trip to meet up again after/before the internations gathering, but in daytime.

so how? would love to get your feedback on it!

p.s. for private collectors, you can PM me separately.

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