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Assistant - Location representative - JOB open (Singapore)


Assistant - Location representative - JOB open

This job position is open for every one, with some experience as entrepreneuer or in management of projects or business hat would like to collaborate with an organization dedicated to global sustainable development.

Self-responsibility and authonomy as well as communication, collaboration and cocreativity are necessary for this job. But also the ability and interest to work with new standard based on personal development and nature principles, organic models for development, and sustainability applied in all levels of the human collaboration and business process: you will need to learn slowly a new type of business strategy.

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Information about the job position is briefly described in the home page.


By taking care of one location and participating in the board of project managers in the organization you will have the possibility to create a sustainable business for yourself and your team, and for your location. This is the goal we have with this job position.

The pioners in this work are for sure creative and adventure type of people that would like to create a new experience into business, for fun. Yes, we are doing this project for fun!

The result of this work will be a more inteligent market, an improvement of business process world wide, and self awareness enhancement in the teams and management.

This job position is for those ones that can act from the heart and share the same vision.


What we are looking for is for partners, that will start as internship, later become team members, project and location managers in the future.

It means, in order to take total responsibility of the job position you will need first to receive training and show that you can apply successfully our know how in the field of work, tangibly.

You will be one of the few individuals around the world receiveing a complete training in multilevel sustainability and elements management.


Along the basic training program we will assign to you very simple tasks and you will have the opportunity since the beggining to earn some money for living.

We suggest this job position to individuals that wish for a second business activity and have additiona free time (beside own work or business), for investing in a new venture that grows and develops organically... Organically in this sense means that after theseed have been nurtured, time and right conditions are necessary for the tree to grow and fruits to appear. Th eorganic process management is one of our specialities.


The main responsibilities that we wish you to take care of as soon as you are ready with your training:

> Fundraising
> Organization of awareness rising campaigns
> Social Communication, promotion.
> Marketing.
> Administration of the location activity and process.
> Representative, at the location, or country.


Send us an email with your CV, PDF, and reasons why you would like to join the Multilevel sustainability foundation project and the network of organizations and professionals that apply multilevel sustainability. Protected content Protected content

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It is very important that you tell is which are your goals and aspirations within our organization, how many years would you like to work with us, or if a temporrary job what you look for, or if you wish to be a location representative, which means more commitment. This information will help us to design the process and content of your training.

Volunterr instead of JOB?

If you would like to collaborate with us, as a volunteer, we will be very glad to welcome you too. Please send us also an email and tell us how long would you like to help us and from which locations or if you are traveling, to where?

Volunteers can join us for some weeks or few days, or for particular tasks.


For more information, please request a private interview with L.D. Maldonado Fonken

skype: luisdanielmaldonadofonken

or contact us at: Protected content

Notice that at the moment we are traveling in norther europe, and working in helsinki, First send us an email if you would like to coordinate a phonecall, then we will give you teh right telf. number according to the location we are staying at the moment.

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