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Aussie female punched in face by Pub Manager (Singapore)

I was hoping to ask for advice on what I need to do to charge a man who assaulted me on Sunday 22nd January.

I am an Australian who is currently working in Singapore. I was out with friends on Saturday evening at a place called Le Baroque in Chijmes Square, until my friends and I were thrown out for taking half a jug of beer that had been left at the table next to ours. It seemed like a harmless act, as the people who bought the beer had left the bar, however we were accused of stealing by the waitresses. We had spent hours at the bar, enjoying the live music and had been particularly good patrons with the amount of money we had already spent on drinks.

What happened next, is disturbing. About Protected content came over the 3 of us very aggressively and man-handled all of us – I was physically grabbed, picked up and thrown outside. The manager then came outside to also accuse us of stealing. My friends tried to pacify the bouncers, by trying to talk to them rationally, to calm the situation down. I could not believe the aggression and swore at the manager. Without hesitation the manager king-hit me in the face.

My nose was bleeding. I called the police and reported the incident – there is a police case number. The ambulance arrived and advised me to go to hospital. My face was x-rayed at Singapore General Hospital, of which there was no evidence of broken bones. My nose is swollen, my face very bruised and I have a lot headaches.

I went to Mount Elizabeth Hospital for a further assessment. I was advised to wait for the swelling to subside, but I may have a hairline fracture (which cannot be detected by x-ray) due to the lump I have on the bridge of my nose. The doctor advised that my nose may not go back to the way it was.

I am still in shock and coming to terms with being punched in the face by a man, an act that should never happen. The whole situation has scarred my view of Singapore and especially that I have heard many mixed stories on how the police handle matters regarding foreigners – that often they are not taken seriously and the police do very little. I am still waiting for a call from the Investigation Officer.

With this in mind, I do not feel assured Singapore is a safe place or that the right representation is given to foreigners living here. None of which portends well for the 'squeaky clean image' Singapore presents to the many foreigners coming here for work.

I'd really appreciate advice on how I can proceed with this matter. I am not a Permanent Resident, but I am a PEP holder.

Many thanks.

ps. I would advise all expats to not go there, for your own safety.

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