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Australian National - Environmental Health Officer (Singapore)

Hi There!

I'm an Australian National, and an Environmental Health Officer/ Health and Safety/ Management by trade.

I need help from everyone who is more experienced than I am in searching for a job here in Singapore, since especially this type of industry is only elligible for a Government based Department, such as the NEA or National Environment Agency of Singapore. However, I can also work in the Hospitality industry and certainly in the Health Care and Management industry.

I have asked many Job Agencies, as well as sending numerous CVs to all thos advertised positions on the paper, but to no avail! I have also attended all the Fairs within the months of August and September, and they all want at least a Foreigner with a Working Visa, which is baffling and quite an irony since there is no way of getting a Working Visa when you don't even stand a chance to get a job!

So if anybody can provide me with further advice with regards the best possible way of approaching the employers who hardly open their emails nor replying to potential applicants, would be greatly appreciated!

Perhaps if anybody would know or would have an opening for my skills and expertise, I will be most happy to provide you with my CV and a face to face meeting to explain my background a bit further.

Really appreciate anyone who can help...


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